Alva 90X60cm Free Standing Gas Electric Cooker (GECA420)

Looking to elevate your culinary game?
Step into the kitchen with the Alva 90x60cm Gas Electric Cooker (GECA420) - a powerhouse appliance engineered for both precision and versatility.
This dynamic duo of gas and electric cooking unlocks a world of possibilities, letting you simmer delicate sauces on the electric hob while searing juicy steaks on the powerful gas burners.
Dive into the product info below and discover why the GECA420 could be your kitchen's next star:

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Alva 90X60cm Free Standing Gas Electric Cooker (GECA420)

Features and Specifications

Dual Fuel Flexibility:
Embrace the best of both worlds with gas burners for instant heat and electric elements for controlled baking and roasting.

5-Burner Gas Cooktop:
Whip up feasts easily thanks to the spacious cooktop featuring a dedicated wok burner for stir-frying mastery.

9 Electric Oven Functions:
Roast, bake, grill, or air fry - unleash your culinary creativity with various options to suit any dish.

Turbo Fan Function:
Circulate heat evenly for uniform baking and prevent soggy bottoms.

Top and Bottom Heating Elements:
Achieve perfectly browned pastries and melt-in-your-mouth quiches with dedicated heating elements.

Electric Grill:
Enjoy restaurant-quality char marks on your favourite steaks and vegetables.

Mechanical Timer:
Keep track of cooking times with ease, from 0 to 100 minutes.

- 5-Burner gas cooktop stove including a wok burner
- Gas stove: Autoignition and Flame Failure Device for safety
- Cast iron pan supports and burner caps
- Electric oven: 9 functions and 101L capacity
- Heating elements: top, bottom, grill, turbofan - with thermostat control
- Enamel oven cavity with moulded racks
- Mechanical timer: 0 to 100 minutes
- Stainless steel cooker top, control panel and door handle
- Easy to clean removable double wall glass door
- 2 Year warranty

Type of Gas LPG
Gas Consumption 727gr/hr at max
Heat Output 10KW at Max
Ignition Type Auto Ignition
Approved LPGSA
Installation LPGSA Registered Installer

Electric Oven
Energy Class B
Input Power 3.0Kw
Voltage 230V 50Hz
Plug No Plug( Electrical Connection By Electrician)

Product Dimensions 60(D)X90(W) X 85/90cm(H)

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