Defy 260L Solar Chest Freezer (DMF505)

The unit does not require AC operation but uses 12V DC electricity directly to power the refrigeration unit bypassing the need to convert from DC to AC.

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Defy 260L Solar Chest Freezer (DMF505)

The use of DC electricity is more efficient then AC and results with further savings. Solar panel kit is available as an optional power source including 2 solar panels 2 batteries , solar controller and cables.

Why should you choose solar?

  • Solar power is very sustainable.
  • The sun is a primary source of energy that is renewable.
  • It has universal availability and a low environmental impact.
  • It allows individuals to get off-grid and independently cope with the ongoing increase in energy costs.
  • Solar reduces the individual and household carbon footprint which contributes to clean living and global warming alleviation.

How does it work?

  • The panels are made of silicon which is doped with a positive and a negative side (usually with Boron and Phosphorus).
  • The panels are then coated with a glass layer which serves the purpose of protection.
  • When photons from the sunlight strike the panels, free electrons are knocked from the negative side through the silicon to the positive side.
  • This creates an electric field.

During the Day

  • Electricity that is created through sunlight, is used to charge the battery.
  • The fridge or freezer runs off the battery, whilst the panels charge the battery.
  • When the battery is fully charged, the charge controller allows the unit to run off the solar panels only-saving the energy stored in the battery for night usage.

At Night

  • During the night, the unit runs solely on the power stored in the battery since there is no sunlight.
  • Once the sun rises again, the process repeats itself and the sun begins to charge the battery.

Compressor Safety Feature

  • As a safety feature for both the unit’s compressor and battery, the compressor will cut off if the battery voltage drops below 10.4V and will only come back on when the battery voltage rises above 11.7V.
  • This safety feature ensures an increased lifespan of both the compressor and the battery.

Charge Times

  • Charging times differ based on the chosen thermostat setting of the fridge or freezer and the outdoor temperature in the surrounding environment.


  • Model: DMF505.
  • Colour: White Finish with Marble Top.
  • Energy Rating: A.
  • Cooling Technology: Static and Chill-In.
  • Defrost: Manual.
  • Freezer Rating: 4 Star.
  • Gross Volume: 260 Lt.
  • Net Volume: 254 Lt.
  • Plastic Baskets: 2.
  • Integrated Handle: Yes with Locking Mechanism.
  • Interior : Aluminium.
  • Control Panel: Multimode Control Panel.
  • Additional Product Info: 860mm (h) x 951mm (w) x 725mm (d).
  • Service Guarantee: 5 year guarantee.
  • Power Supply: 12V/24V.
  • Power Consumption (Wh/day): 1800.

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