Delonghi Air Purifier Filter For AC75 (DLSA006)

Enhance the air quality in your space with the Delonghi Air Purifier Filter designed for AC75 air purifiers.
This advanced filter is engineered to effectively capture and eliminate impurities, ensuring you breathe in clean, fresh air.

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Delonghi Air Purifier Filter For AC75 (DLSA006) Delonghi Air Purifier Filter For AC75 (DLSA006)
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Delonghi Air Purifier Filter For AC75 (DLSA006)

Features and Specifications

High-Performance Filtration:
The filter's HEPA11 technology traps micro particles as small as 0.3 μ, including tobacco smoke, pollen, and household dust, providing thorough air purification.

Active Carbon Filter:
The integrated active carbon filter tackles odours, chemicals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), leaving your environment smelling fresh.

Comprehensive Particle Removal:
Say goodbye to tobacco smoke, household dust, and pollen, as this filter effectively captures a wide range of particles to improve air quality.

Improved Breathing Environment:
With cleaner air, you can experience reduced allergens and irritants, promoting better respiratory health.

Long-Lasting Performance:
The filter's durability ensures extended use, offering consistent air purification over time.

Tips for Using the Product
Optimal Placement:
Position the AC75 air purifier in a central location for maximum air circulation and coverage.

Regular Replacement:
Replace the filter according to manufacturer recommendations to maintain peak performance.

Night Mode:
Utilize the purifier's night mode for quiet operation while you sleep, maintaining fresh air throughout the night.

Breathe Easier with Delonghi
Upgrade your indoor environment by investing in the Delonghi Air Purifier Filter For AC75.
Enjoy the benefits of clean, purified air and create a healthier, more comfortable space for yourself and your loved ones.
Breathe easier today!

Delonghi - Kenwood - Braun 2 Year Warantee

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