Delonghi Multifry Extra Chef (FH1394)

Elevate your kitchen experience with the revolutionary DeLonghi Multifry Extra Chef, a remarkable fusion of a low-oil fryer and a versatile multicooker.
Designed to cater to the diverse needs of kitchens worldwide, this innovative appliance redefines cooking possibilities.

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Delonghi Multifry Extra Chef (FH1394) Delonghi Multifry Extra Chef (FH1394) Delonghi Multifry Extra Chef (FH1394) Delonghi Multifry Extra Chef (FH1394) Delonghi Multifry Extra Chef (FH1394) Delonghi Multifry Extra Chef (FH1394)
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Delonghi Multifry Extra Chef (FH1394)

Features and Specifications

Delonghi - Kenwood - Braun 2 Year Warantee

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity:

The Multifry Extra Chef is your gateway to a world of culinary excellence.
Fry delightful fresh potatoes with minimal oil while crafting an array of delectable recipes.
From creamy risottos to flavorful couscous, hearty stews to vibrant ratatouilles, this appliance opens the doors to a gastronomic journey.
The surprises don't stop there; the Multifry even transforms into a haven for baking, allowing you to craft mouthwatering pizzas, cakes, and pies.
All of this is made possible through DeLonghi's exclusive SHS technology, a harmonious fusion of a double heating element and a removable mixing tool.

Superior Cooking Performance:
Powered by the Surround Heating System (SHS) double pro, the Multifry Extra Chef guarantees exceptional cooking outcomes:

Achieve culinary perfection: Crispy exteriors meet juicy interiors, tantalizing your taste buds.
Rapid cooking: Say goodbye to prolonged cooking times, embracing efficiency without compromise.
Unlock a treasure trove of recipes: Dive into a culinary repertoire that knows no bounds.

Unmatched Features for Unrivaled Cooking:

Swift Cooking: A mere 7 minutes for 1kg of frozen potatoes, saving you precious time.
Explore Endless Recipes: Access over 250 recipes through the dedicated app, catering to every craving.
High Food Capacity: Process 1.7kg of fresh, peelable potatoes and 1.5kg of frozen potatoes, all without the need for excess oil.
Enhanced Heating Element: The 800W lower heating element amplifies cooking speed.
Tailored Cooking Programs: The Recipe Selector Dial boasts 4 pre-set programs (Potatoes, Pizza, Cake, Stew) and 3 special programs (Pan Function, Oven Function, and Surround Function).
Total Control: The Digital Control Panel empowers you to fine-tune power levels and cooking durations.

Optimize Your Productivity with DeLonghi:
Crafted to suit modern lifestyles, the Multifry Extra Chef excels in every aspect:

Aesthetic Excellence: A complete transparent lid lets you monitor your cooking progress.
User-Friendly: "Cool touch" walls ensure safety and ease of use.
Effortless Cleaning: Removable components, including the lid, paddle, and bowl, are dishwasher-friendly.
App-Connected: Access over 300 recipes via the De'Longhi Recipes app for iOS and Android.

Unlock Culinary Artistry Today:
Discover the Multifry Extra Chef, where innovation meets flavour.
Elevate your cooking prowess, embrace efficiency, and indulge in a world of recipes that knows no bounds.
With FH1394 by your side, the art of cooking has never been more gratifying.

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