Elektra 1.5L Glass Jug 500W Jug Blender (SEL-EJB02)

Craving creamy smoothies, silky soups, and perfectly pureed dips?
Look no further than the Elektra 1.5L Glass Jug 500W Jug Blender (SEL-EJB02).
This powerful kitchen companion blends, crushes, and pulverizes ingredients with ease, making it your go-to appliance for healthy and delicious creations.

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Elektra 1.5L Glass Jug 500W Jug Blender (SEL-EJB02)

Features and Specifications

Crushing Power:
A robust 500W motor tackles even the toughest ingredients, from frozen fruit to leafy greens, turning them into smooth and satisfying concoctions.

Versatility Unbound:
Six variable speeds and a pulse function give you fine-tuned control for everything from gentle whisking to rapid ice-crushing.

Safety First:
Interlocking safety features ensure the blender won't operate unless the jug and lid are securely in place.

Cleaning Made Easy:
The dishwasher-safe glass jug and stainless-steel blades make cleanup a breeze.

Sleek and Stylish:
The sleek black design with stainless-steel accents adds a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen countertop.

Prep is Key:
Pre-cutting larger fruits and vegetables ensures even blending and prevents motor strain.

Liquid Love:
Adding a liquid base like water, milk, or juice helps the blades move freely and achieve optimal consistency.

Start Low, Go High:
Begin on a lower speed and gradually increase to prevent splashing and ensure thorough blending.

The Elektra 1.5L Glass Jug 500W Jug Blender (SEL-EJB02) is more than just a kitchen appliance it's a gateway to a world of culinary possibilities.
From breakfast smoothies to post-workout protein shakes, and creamy soups to decadent desserts, this blender empowers you to whip up healthy and delicious creations with ease.

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