Goldair Dry Steam Spray Surge Iron (GSSS-2063)

Introducing the Goldair Dry Steam Spray Surge Iron (GSSS-803) – your ultimate companion for achieving wrinkle-free, crisp clothing effortlessly.
This iron combines innovation and convenience to make your ironing experience smooth and efficient.

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Goldair Dry Steam Spray Surge Iron (GSSS-2063)

Features and Specifications

Powerful Performance:
With a robust 2600W power rating, this iron quickly heats up, reducing waiting time and ensuring efficient ironing.

Versatile Functions:
The Goldair Iron offers dry, steam, spray, and surge functions, catering to all your ironing needs.

Ceramic Soleplate:
Its ceramic soleplate glides effortlessly over fabrics, preventing sticking and ensuring even heat distribution.

Equipped with a self-cleaning feature, maintaining your iron's performance is hassle-free.

360° Rotational Cord:
The 360° rotational power cord allows for easy manoeuvrability, reducing cord tangles and enhancing usability.

Vertical Steam:
Perfect for vertical steaming, it efficiently removes wrinkles from hanging garments.

Generous Water Tank:
The 300ml water tank ensures continuous steam for longer ironing sessions.

Stylish Design:
The black and red colour scheme adds a touch of sophistication to your ironing routine.

- Fill the water tank with distilled water for optimal steam production.
- Adjust the temperature settings based on the fabric type to prevent damage.
- Use the surge function for stubborn wrinkles, and the spray function for lightly dampening fabrics.
- Empty the water tank and clean the iron's soleplate after each use.
- Store the iron in an upright position to prevent water leakage.

Upgrade your ironing game with the Goldair Dry Steam Spray Surge Iron (GSSS-803).
Its powerful performance, versatile functions, and user-friendly features make it a must-have household appliance.
Say goodbye to wrinkled clothes and hello to perfectly pressed garments.
Make the Goldair Iron your trusted companion for a wrinkle-free, stylish wardrobe.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your ironing experience!
Purchase the Goldair Dry Steam Spray Surge Iron today.


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