Ideal Steam/Spray Iron (ISS-002)

Discover the Ideal Steam/Spray Iron (ISS-002), a revolutionary appliance designed to make your ironing experience seamless and efficient.
Say goodbye to stubborn wrinkles and hello to perfectly pressed clothes with this state-of-the-art iron.

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Ideal Steam/Spray Iron (ISS-002)

Features and Specifications

Variable Temperature Control:
Tailor the heat to your fabric type, ensuring safe and effective ironing.

Indicator Light:
Easily monitor when the iron is ready for use, preventing accidental burns.

Rotational Power Cord:
Enjoy hassle-free movement and avoid cord tangles during ironing.

Water Level Indicator:
Keep track of water levels for continuous steam and spray functionality.

Powerful 2000W:
Quickly tackle even the toughest creases with ease.

- Steam Spray Iron
- Variable Temperature Control
- Indicator Light
- Rotational Power Cord
- Water Level Indicator
- 230V~50Hz 2000W

Fill the water reservoir as needed to enable the steam and spray functions.
Adjust the temperature according to your garment's fabric care label.
Wait for the indicator light to signal that the iron is ready before ironing.
Move the iron smoothly and steadily to achieve wrinkle-free results.
Empty the water reservoir and store the iron safely after use.

Upgrade your ironing game with the Ideal Steam/Spray Iron (ISS-002).
With its advanced features, it's your partner for effortless wrinkle removal. Don't miss out—order now and experience the convenience for yourself.
Purchase the Ideal Steam/Spray Iron today and enjoy crease-free clothing every day.

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