Kenwood CHP40 Mini Chopper (00C183700KEZA)

Streamline your kitchen tasks with the Kenwood CHP40 Mini Chopper.
Designed to simplify your culinary endeavours, this versatile appliance offers efficient preparation of various ingredients, from herbs and nuts to dips and baby food.
Experience the convenience of the quad-blade system, performing tasks twice as fast as traditional dual-blade models.

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Kenwood CHP40 Mini Chopper (00C183700KEZA) Kenwood CHP40 Mini Chopper (00C183700KEZA) Kenwood CHP40 Mini Chopper (00C183700KEZA) Kenwood CHP40 Mini Chopper (00C183700KEZA)
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Kenwood CHP40 Mini Chopper (00C183700KEZA)

Features and Specifications

Time-Saving Elegance:
Revolutionize your kitchen routine with the Kenwood CHP40 Mini Chopper's speedy performance, cutting down preparation time.
Quad-Blade Efficiency:
Its innovative quad-blade system ensures swift and thorough processing, outperforming traditional two-blade designs.
Multi-Purpose Marvel:
From herbs to ice, this chopper handles it all - fruits, vegetables, herbs, ice, and nuts are easily chopped, sliced, or blended.
Powerful 400W Motor:
The 400W motor ensures consistent and reliable performance for every culinary endeavor.
Precision Control:
Tailor the texture of your ingredients with the high and low pulse speeds, delivering the desired consistency every time.
User-Friendly Design:
The 500ml transparent bowl lets you monitor the progress, while the easy-to-detach parts facilitate effortless cleaning.
Stainless Steel Durability:
The four stainless steel blades guarantee longevity and excellent performance, even with tough ingredients.
Rubber Lid Included:
Complete with a rubber lid, this chopper keeps your creations fresh and ready to serve.

Tips for Using the Product:

Smart Ingredient Sizing:
Cut ingredients into smaller, uniform pieces for optimal chopper performance and consistent results.
Pulse with Precision:
Experiment with pulse speeds for varied textures; short pulses for coarse, and longer pulses for finer results.
Layering Matters:
When processing large batches, layer ingredients evenly for more even and efficient chopping.
Ice and Nuts:
Achieve crushed ice or finely chopped nuts by using short pulses to prevent over-processing.
Easy Cleaning:
Detach the parts and rinse them immediately after use for hassle-free maintenance.

Elevate your culinary game with the Kenwood CHP40 Mini Chopper. Simplify prep tasks with its powerful 400W motor, quad-blade system, and precise control options.
From fresh herbs to icy treats, this chopper does it all. Embrace efficiency and convenience in your kitchen – purchase the Kenwood CHP40 Mini Chopper today.

Delonghi - Kenwood - Braun 2 Year Warantee

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