Kenwood Quad Blade Chopper 500W (CH580)

Elevate your culinary experience with the Kenwood Quad Blade Chopper 500W.
This exquisitely designed kitchen companion boasts a powerful motor and a unique quad-blade system, ensuring exceptional results for all your shopping needs.
With the added convenience of a MULTI MAYO Mayonnaise attachment, this chopper is your gateway to effortless herb preparation, nut processing, dip creation, ice crushing, and even baby food making.

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Kenwood Quad Blade Chopper 500W (CH580) Kenwood Quad Blade Chopper 500W (CH580) Kenwood Quad Blade Chopper 500W (CH580)
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Kenwood Quad Blade Chopper 500W (CH580)

Features and Specifications

Unmatched Power:
Equipped with a robust 500W motor, this chopper effortlessly tackles even the toughest ingredients.
Precision Control:
The 2-speed push-down operation offers greater control over the consistency of your creations, delivering the perfect finished results every time.
Quad Blade System:
The innovative quad blade setup guarantees superior chopping, blending, and grinding performance, saving you time and effort.
MULTI MAYO Attachment:
Craft delicious homemade mayonnaise with ease using the dedicated attachment, expanding your culinary repertoire.
Generous Capacity:
 With a 500ml bowl capacity, you have ample space for various chopping tasks, ensuring you can prepare enough for any occasion.
Durability and Precision:
The stainless steel blades are not only durable and reliable but also provide precise cutting for consistent results.
Safety First:
The bowl and body interlock feature ensures safety and security during operation, offering peace of mind as you create.
Effortless Cleanup:
The dishwasher-safe bowl and blades make post-cooking cleanup a breeze, giving you more time to savor your culinary accomplishments.

Tips for Using the Product:

Optimal Blade Usage:
For best results, avoid overloading the chopper. Opt for smaller batches to ensure even and efficient chopping.
Mayonnaise Mastery:
Experiment with different ingredients when using the MULTI MAYO attachment to create unique and flavorful mayo variations.
Ice-Crushing Technique:
When crushing ice, use short bursts of power to prevent straining the motor and extend the lifespan of your chopper.
Herb Handling:
When chopping herbs, consider using the lower speed setting to maintain their vibrant colour and essential oils.
Baby Food Perfection:
Achieve smooth and consistent textures by gradually adding liquid to the chopper when preparing baby food.

Experience the ultimate convenience and precision in your kitchen with the Kenwood Quad Blade Chopper 500W.
From its impressive power and quad blade system to the innovative MULTI MAYO attachment, this chopper elevates your culinary creations to new heights.
Effortless to use, clean, and store, it's a must-have for any cooking enthusiast.
Embrace efficiency and versatility in your kitchen - buy the Kenwood Quad Blade Chopper 500W today and redefine your cooking journey.

Delonghi - Kenwood - Braun 2 Year Warantee

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