Kenwood Slow Cooker (CP657)

Discover the ultimate culinary companion in the Kenwood Slow Cooker CP657. Crafted with contemporary brushed stainless steel, this slow cooker revolutionizes your cooking experience.
Unleash your inner chef and effortlessly prepare mouthwatering stews, soups, curries, and roasts with the 6.5-litre capacity and innovative features of the CP657.

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Kenwood Slow Cooker (CP657) Kenwood Slow Cooker (CP657) Kenwood Slow Cooker (CP657)
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Kenwood Slow Cooker (CP657)

Features and Specifications

Ample 6.5-Litre Capacity:
Prepare generous batches of soups, stews, curries, or roasts, making it ideal for family gatherings and entertaining guests.
Optimal 350W Power:
Experience consistently delectable results as the CP657 delivers the perfect balance of power for exceptional cooking outcomes.
Effortless "Auto" Function:
Achieve culinary excellence with minimal supervision using the intelligent "Auto" function, ensuring your dishes are cooked to perfection.
Flavor-Sealing Glass Lid:
The heat-resistant glass lid locks in tantalizing flavours while providing a clear view of your culinary masterpiece in progress.
Elegant Ceramic Crock:
Serve your creations directly from the stylish ceramic crock, elevating the dining experience and adding a touch of sophistication to your table.
Easy-to-Clean Design:
The outer surface is designed for easy cleaning, minimizing post-cooking cleanup efforts and maximizing your enjoyment.
Intuitive Neon Power Indication:
Effortlessly monitor the cooking process with the neon power indicator and adjustable power control, granting you complete control.
Cool Touch Features:
Safely handle the slow cooker during use with the cool touch lid knob and handles, ensuring comfort and convenience.

Tips for Using the Product:
Layer Ingredients:
For enhanced flavour infusion, layer your ingredients in the ceramic crock, allowing each element to contribute to a symphony of tastes.
Utilize "Auto" Mode:
Make the most of your busy schedule by utilizing the "Auto" function for effortless cooking that doesn't require constant attention.
Experiment with Timing:
Adjust cooking times to achieve your desired texture and taste, exploring the versatility of the slow cooker for various recipes.
Garnish Before Serving:
Elevate your presentation by adding fresh herbs or toppings just before serving, impressing your guests with both taste and aesthetics.
Plan Ahead:
Prepare your ingredients in the morning, set the slow cooker, and return to a hearty, flavorful meal after a busy day.

Transform your kitchen into a hub of culinary delight with the Kenwood Slow Cooker CP657.
Its 6.5-litre capacity, intelligent features, and elegant design make cooking a breeze and dining a pleasure.
Elevate your dishes, streamline your cooking routine, and create unforgettable meals with ease.
Experience the CP657 today and indulge in a new world of gastronomic excellence.

Delonghi - Kenwood - Braun 2 Year Warantee

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