Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker (KVL65.001WH)

Elevate your baking experience to new heights with the innovative Chef Titanium Baker -KVL65.001WH, designed to meet the discerning needs of baking connoisseurs.
Blending cutting-edge features with iconic design, this kitchen masterpiece redefines reliability and performance.
Explore its remarkable attributes that streamline your baking process and inspire culinary creativity

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Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker (KVL65.001WH) Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker (KVL65.001WH) Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker (KVL65.001WH) Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker (KVL65.001WH) Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker (KVL65.001WH) Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker (KVL65.001WH)
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Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker (KVL65.001WH)

Features and Specifications

Delonghi - Kenwood - Braun 2 Year Warantee

kenwood Stand Mixer 5 Year Motor Gaurantee

Precise Baking with EasyWeigh Scales:
Effortlessly measure ingredients directly into the mixing bowl using the integrated EasyWeigh Scales.
Accurate measurements, reduced mess, and time-saving convenience redefine your baking precision.

Empowering 1200W ChefMotor:
The digitally controlled ChefMotor, boasting a fold function, empowers your baking endeavours.
Achieve delectable results even with delicate mixes, ensuring your creations are consistently exquisite.

LightLift Head for Effortless Mixing:
Adding ingredients becomes a breeze with the LightLift Head feature.
Seamlessly incorporate elements into your mix without hassle, preserving the texture and quality of your batters.

Expansive Attachment Possibilities:
Access a world of culinary versatility with +25 optional attachments.

Inspirational Kenwood World App:
Unleash your baking potential with the Kenwood World App. Explore a plethora of step-by-step recipes tailored to baking connoisseurs, igniting your imagination and culinary artistry.
From precise slicing and shredding to indulgent slow-press juicing, your culinary creations know no bounds.

Optimal Ingredient Measuring:
Utilize the EasyWeigh Scales to achieve precise ingredient measurements, ensuring consistent results in your baked goods.
Mastering Delicate Mixes:
Leverage the power of the 1200W ChefMotor's fold function for delicate mixes, such as soufflés or meringues, achieving airy and flawless textures.
Effortless Ingredient Incorporation:
The LightLift Head simplifies ingredient addition during mixing, maintaining the integrity of your batter while enhancing convenience.

Elevate your baking prowess with the all-new Chef Titanium Baker - KVL65.001WH.
With EasyWeigh Scales, a potent 1200W ChefMotor, LightLift Head, versatile attachments, and the Kenwood World App, it's a baking connoisseur's dream.
Embrace precision, creativity, and reliability as you craft delectable delights.
Ignite your culinary journey today - own the Chef Titanium Baker and redefine your baking artistry.

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