Kenwood Accent Collection Toaster (TCM01.A0BK)

Elevate your breakfast experience with the Kenwood Accent Collection TCM01 Toaster.
Embrace the perfect blend of style and functionality as this 2-slice toaster graces your kitchen with its elegant metal wrap design.
Say goodbye to ordinary mornings and hello to flawless toast, every time.

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Kenwood Accent Collection Toaster (TCM01.A0BK) Kenwood Accent Collection Toaster (TCM01.A0BK) Kenwood Accent Collection Toaster (TCM01.A0BK)
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Kenwood Accent Collection Toaster (TCM01.A0BK)

Features and Specifications

Elegance Redefined:
Immerse your kitchen in sophistication with the exquisite metal wrap design, a signature feature of the Kenwood Accent Collection.
Effortless Perfection:
Achieve your desired level of toasting with adjustable browning control, ensuring your toast is just the way you like it.
Convenient Cleanup:
The removable crumb tray effortlessly keeps your countertop clean, making maintenance a breeze.
Tangle-free Counters:
Cord storage eliminates clutter and maintains the sleek appearance of your kitchen space.
Multi-Function Marvel:
Explore versatile functions such as defrost, warm, and cancel, catering to all your toasting needs.
Seamless Service:
Experience automatic pop-up when your toast is ready, preventing over-toasting and ensuring consistently delightful results.
Efficiency Meets Power:
With 900W power, this toaster delivers quick and efficient toasting, saving you time on busy mornings.
Accentuate Your Mornings:
Start your day on a high note with perfectly toasted bread, a testament to Kenwood's dedication to quality.

Tips for Using the Product:

Even Browning:
For uniform browning, turn the adjustable browning control to a mid-range setting.
Effortless Cleanup:
Regularly empty the removable crumb tray to maintain optimal toasting efficiency and cleanliness.
Frozen Delights:
Utilize the defrost function for frozen bread, ensuring even toasting without compromising texture.
Warm and Ready:
Keep your toast warm by using the warm function, ideal for those moments when breakfast isn't served immediately.
Cancellation Ease:
If you need to stop toasting mid-cycle, press the cancel button for instant release.

Elevate your breakfast routine with the Kenwood Accent Collection TCM01 Toaster.
Revel in its elegant metal wrap design while enjoying the convenience of adjustable browning control, removable crumb tray, and versatile functions.
Say goodbye to subpar toast and hello to perfection.
Make this elegant addition to your kitchen today and redefine your mornings with a touch of sophistication.

Delonghi - Kenwood - Braun 2 Year Warantee

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