Kenwood Vintage kettle (ZJM35.000GR)

Step into a world of classic charm and modern convenience with the Kenwood Vintage Kettle.
Rooted in a legacy of crafting reliable and user-friendly products, Kenwood presents a masterpiece that beautifully merges nostalgic design with cutting-edge features.
Elevate your breakfast moments and tea breaks with this iconic kettle that embodies both aesthetics and functionality.

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Kenwood Vintage kettle (ZJM35.000GR) Kenwood Vintage kettle (ZJM35.000GR) Kenwood Vintage kettle (ZJM35.000GR)
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Kenwood Vintage kettle (ZJM35.000GR)

Features and Specifications

Elegant Nostalgia:
The Vintage kettle's timeless design pays homage to bygone eras, infusing your kitchen with vintage elegance.
Thoughtful Moments:
Enjoy your breakfast or tea break to the fullest with a kettle designed for those cherished moments of relaxation.
With an ergonomic handle featuring a soft touch finish, the kettle offers comfort and convenience in every pour.
Crystal Clear Water Level:
The visible water level lets you gauge the water content at a glance, preventing unnecessary refills.
Effortless Cleaning:
The removable and washable scale filter ensures your water is always clean and pure, enhancing both taste and safety.
Rapid Heating:
Boasting a powerful 2000W, the kettle swiftly heats up, reducing waiting time and increasing efficiency.
Generous Capacity:
With a 1.7L capacity, this kettle is perfect for serving guests or indulging in multiple cups without constant refilling.
360° Rotating Base:
The cordless kettle sits snugly on its base, allowing for easy access from any angle.

Tips for Using the Product:
Proper Water Level:
Fill the kettle up to the visible water level indicator for optimal heating and to prevent overflows.
Scale Filter Maintenance:
Regularly clean the removable scale filter to ensure water quality and extend the kettle's lifespan.
Efficient Pouring:
The ergonomic handle is designed for comfortable pouring; hold it firmly for a steady and controlled pour.
Cordless Convenience:
The 360° rotating base lets you pick up the kettle effortlessly from any direction, providing hassle-free serving.
Safety First:
Benefit from the auto shut-off feature that turns off the kettle when water reaches boiling point, ensuring safety and energy savings.

Incorporate a touch of classic beauty and modern functionality into your kitchen with the Kenwood Vintage Kettle.
Embrace the elegant design, enjoy its user-friendly features, and create delightful moments over a steaming cup of tea or coffee.
Elevate your kitchen aesthetics while making your daily routine smoother.
Order the Kenwood Vintage Kettle now and experience the blend of tradition and innovation.

Delonghi - Kenwood - Braun 2 Year Warantee

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