Makita Cordless Coffee Maker (Makita Cordless Coffee Maker (DCM501Z))

Are you tired of waiting in long coffee shop queues or sacrificing your caffeine fix when you're on the move? Look no further than the Makita Cordless Coffee Maker (DCM501Z). This innovative coffee maker is designed to provide you with freshly brewed coffee wherever you are.

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Makita Cordless Coffee Maker (DCM501Z)

The Makita Cordless Coffee Maker (DCM501Z) is the perfect solution for coffee enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on their coffee experience, even when on the go. Its cordless convenience, quick brewing, and compatibility with Makita batteries make it a versatile choice for anyone who needs their coffee fix anytime, anywhere.

This Makita Coffee Machine is the improved version of the DCM500Z and is now able to brew coffee with 60mm coffee pods as well as ground coffee.
It is also versatile to function on either 10.8v CXT or 18v LXT batteries.
Comes with a dedicated coffee cup as standard and perfectly fits with the unit.
The cup also comes with a lid that allows coffee to drip in whilst keep the coffee warm and dust out.

10.8V – 18V

Power Source     
CXT or LXT Battery

Brew Capacity     
Single Battery CXT: 260 ml
Single Battery 14.4V (3.0 Ah): 260 ml
Single Battery 18V (3.0 Ah): 320 ml
Single Battery 18V (6.0 Ah): 640 ml

Brew Time     
1 Cup of Coffee (160 ml) CXT: 7 minutes
1 Cup of Coffee (160 ml) 14.4V: 5 minutes
1 Cup of Coffee (160 ml) 18V: 5 minutes

Compatible Coffee Pod     
60 mm Type

Weight (With 18V Battery)     
2.2 Kg


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