Philips Universal Vacuum Cleaner Bags 5PC (FC8021)

S-bag is the universal dust bag for all Philips and Electrolux (Electrolux, AEG, Volta, Tornado) vacuum cleaners with bags.
When buying replacement bags, just look for the s-bag logo.
The usage of non-original bags can damage your cleaner.

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Philips Universal Vacuum Cleaner Bags 5PC (FC8021) Philips Universal Vacuum Cleaner Bags 5PC (FC8021)
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Universal Vacuum Cleaner Bags 5PC (FC8021)

Product Info: Universal Vacuum Cleaner Bags 5PC

Make cleaning a breeze with the Philips Universal Vacuum Cleaner Bags 5PC. Designed to fit a range of Philips Electrolux, AEG, Volta, Tornado vacuum cleaner models.

Product Advantages:

The bags are made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand heavy usage. The microfiber technology used in the bags traps even the smallest dust particles, ensuring that the air in your home remains clean and fresh.
The bags are easy to install, so you won't have to waste time figuring out how to fit them into your vacuum cleaner.
The bags are affordably priced, making them a cost-effective option for keeping your home clean and tidy.

Tips for Using the Product:

Always ensure that you have the correct bag size for your vacuum cleaner model to avoid damaging the vacuum.
Replace the bags regularly, even if they are not full, to maintain maximum suction power and prevent any blockages.

Filters 99% of fine dust

The synthetic material of this vacuum bag filters up to 99% of dust and particles. It filters the air more efficiently than a normal paper bag and helps you get rid of airborne particles such as allergens.

4 x dust bags per box
50% longer lifetime
One standard fits all


Specialist, FC9100, FC9149
Jewel, FC9050, FC9079
Universe, FC9000, FC9049
City Line, HR8368, HR8399, FC8400, FC8499
Mobilo, HR8500, HR8599
Impact, HR8350, HR8367, FC8380, FC8399
Expression, HR8300, HR8349, FC8600, FC8649
Performer, FC8680, FC8682, FC9150, FC9179
5000 Series, PerformerActive, FC8563, FC8574, FC8579, FC8584,FC8589
3000 Series, Performer Compact, FC8366, FC8367, FC8370, FC8379, FC8383, FC8389, XD3000, XD3010, XD3030, XD3100, XD3110, XD3112, XD3140
Performer Expert, FC8720, FC8728
PerformerPro, FC9180, FC9199
Performer Ultimate, FC8921, FC8925, FC8941, FC8957
2000 Series, PowerGo, FC8240, FC8246, FC8293, FC8296, FC8250, FC8253, FC8289
PowerLife, FC8320, FC8329, FC8450,FC8459
7000 Series, Performer Silent, FC8741, FC8743, FC8745, FC8779, FC8786


Bolido, Z4500, 4595
Clario, Z1900, 2095
Ergospace, ZE2200, 2299
Excellio, Z5000, 5295
Oxygen, Z5500, 5695, Z5900, 5995
Smartvac, Z5000, 5695
Ultra Silencer,  Z3300, 3395


System Pro, PI, P999
Viva Control
Viva Quick Stop


Bolido, 1500, 1750, 4500, 4595
Modelys, CA6200, 6230
Super Pro, TO30, TO50


Bolido, 4500, 4595
Modelys,  6200, 6290

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