SnoMaster 15KG Counter Top Ice Maker (ZBC-15)

This versatile appliance is designed to provide you with a constant supply of ice, ensuring that you never run out during your gatherings or hot summer days.
With its remarkable features, this ice maker is a must-have for any South African home.
We will explore its key advantages

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SnoMaster 15KG Counter Top Ice Maker (ZBC-15) SnoMaster 15KG Counter Top Ice Maker (ZBC-15) SnoMaster 15KG Counter Top Ice Maker (ZBC-15) SnoMaster 15KG Counter Top Ice Maker (ZBC-15)
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SnoMaster 15KG Counter Top Ice Maker (ZBC-15)

Features and Specifications

Efficient Ice Production:
The SnoMaster 15KG Counter Top Ice Maker is capable of producing up to 15 kilograms of ice per day.

Rapid Ice Production:
With its powerful compressor, this ice maker can generate ice quickly.

User-Friendly Operation:
This appliance is designed for easy operation.

Variety of Ice Cube Sizes:
The SnoMaster Ice Maker offers you the flexibility to choose from three different ice cube sizes.

Compact and Portable:
The sleek and compact design of this countertop ice maker makes it suitable for various environments, from your kitchen to your bar area.

SnoMaster has taken energy efficiency into account, so you can enjoy a constant supply of ice without worrying about high energy bills.

- 12 Ice Bullets Per Cycle
- Diagnostic Check On Start-Up
- Adjustable Leveling Feet (plus, minus 10mm)
- Dimensions (mm) Unit (H) 415 (W) 380 (D) 400
- Storage Volume 2Kg
- Ice Type Bullet Ice
- Ice Making Capacity 15Kg/24h
- Ice Bullet Size (mm) S 25, M 28, L30
- Voltage 230V/50Hz
- Total Input Power 110W
- Suggested Application Office, Apartment, Kitchen, Home Bar, B&B, Pub

Tips for Using the Product:

Properly Position the Ice Maker:
Ensure that the ice maker is placed on a flat and stable surface to prevent any imbalance or excessive noise during operation.

Select the Right Ice Cube Size:
Experiment with the ice cube size settings to cater to your specific needs.

Use the Timer Function:
The timer function allows you to set when the ice maker starts producing ice.

The SnoMaster 15KG Counter Top Ice Maker, ZBC-15, is your solution to never running out of ice again.
Make the SnoMaster 15KG Counter Top Ice Maker your own today and experience the convenience of having ice at your fingertips.

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