SnoMaster 56L Dual Compartment Fridge Freezer (SMDZ-CL56D)

The SnoMaster 56L Dual Compartment Fridge Freezer! Whether you're an intrepid explorer on the go or a dedicated camper, this innovative appliance is designed to meet your demands with excellence.

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SnoMaster 56L Dual Compartment Fridge Freezer (SMDZ-CL56D) SnoMaster 56L Dual Compartment Fridge Freezer (SMDZ-CL56D) SnoMaster 56L Dual Compartment Fridge Freezer (SMDZ-CL56D)
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SnoMaster 56L Dual Compartment Fridge Freezer (SMDZ-CL56D)

Features and Specifications

Dual Compartment Convenience:
The SnoMaster SMDZ-CL56D offers two separate compartments, allowing you to store different items at their ideal temperatures.

Impressive Capacity:
With a generous 56-litre capacity, this fridge freezer can hold many provisions.

Energy Efficiency:
This fridge freezer is engineered for efficiency, using minimal power to maintain optimal temperatures.

Digital Control Panel:
The user-friendly digital control panel allows you to easily set and monitor the temperature.

Quiet Operation:
Unlike many portable fridge freezers, the SnoMaster SMDZ-CL56D operates quietly, minimizing noise disturbances in your camping or travel environment.

Fuel your wild side with the 56L Stainless Steel Portable Fridge/Freezer.
Designed with automatic low-voltage cut-out settings, this sturdy companion
3 Speed Setting (High, Auto, Low)
Low Voltage Cut Out Setting (10, 10.7, 11.8V)
Internal LED Light
Lid Open Alarm
Dimensions (mm) Unit (H) 515 (W) 755 (D) 500
Storage Volume Left: 26L, Right: 30L
Compressor 70W

Tips for Using the Product:

Before loading your SnoMaster SMDZ-CL56D with items, pre-cool it for a few hours.

The organization is Key:
Use storage containers or baskets to keep items neatly arranged within the compartments.

Temperature Zones:
Remember that the two compartments can have different temperature settings.

Avoid Overfilling:
While the SnoMaster SMDZ-CL56D has ample capacity, avoid overloading it.

The SnoMaster 56L Dual Compartment Fridge Freezer is the ultimate solution for those who crave adventure without sacrificing the comfort of fresh food and beverages.
Its dual compartments, impressive capacity, rugged build, and energy-efficient design make it an essential companion for campers, travellers, and outdoor enthusiasts.
The user-friendly digital control panel, quiet operation, and quick cooling capabilities make it a reliable choice for all your refrigeration needs.

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