SnoMaster 14 Bottle Solid Door Single Zone Retro Wine Cooler Black (VT-19DBPRO)

Elevate your wine storage experience with the SnoMaster 14 Bottle Solid Door Single Zone Retro Wine Cooler in Black (VT-19DBPRO).
This stylish and efficient wine cooler is designed to keep your wines at their optimum temperature, ensuring they are ready to be enjoyed whenever you desire.
With its retro design and advanced cooling technology, it's the perfect addition to any wine enthusiast's home.

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SnoMaster 14 Bottle Solid Door Single Zone Retro Wine Cooler Black (VT-19DBPRO)

Features and Specifications

Optimal Wine Preservation:
The single-zone cooling system maintains a consistent temperature to preserve the quality and flavour of your wines.

Space-saving Design:
Its compact size and sleek retro aesthetic make it suitable for any kitchen, dining room, or entertainment area.

Solid Door Construction:
The solid door design provides insulation to keep your wines safe from external temperature fluctuations.

Energy-efficient Operation:
Low energy consumption helps reduce electricity bills while still providing optimal cooling performance.

Easy Temperature Control:
User-friendly controls allow you to adjust the temperature with precision, ensuring your wines are stored at the perfect serving temperature.

- Temperature Range: 5º C to 20º C
- Application: Offices, Apartments, Home Bars or Kitchens.
- Storage Capacity: 12-14 Bottles & Display Shelf.
- Colour: Black.
- Sophistication meets innovation with this Wine Cooler.
- Ensures your Cherished Wine Collection is Preserved in Perfect Condition while Maintaining Optimal Temperatures.
- Provides Resistance against Dirt and Scratches with a Stylish Appearance boasting a Spray-Frosted Finish.
- Tailored to accommodate a Variety of Drinks and Alcoholic Beverages with Low-Temperature Storage.
- Equipped with a User-Friendly Single-Key Operation.
- Beautifully Finished Tough PVC Door (Right Hinged Only)
- External Digital Thermostat.
- LED Interior Light with On/Off Switch.
- Slide Out Grey Powder Coated Shelves & 1 Glass Shelf.
- Innovative Display Shelf with Upright Bottle Holder.
- Compressor Cooled
- 220-240V/50Hz.

Tips for Using the Product
Position the wine cooler away from direct sunlight and heat sources to maintain consistent cooling performance.

Arrange your wine bottles carefully to maximize storage space and ensure proper air circulation within the cooler.

Regularly clean the interior shelves and door seal to prevent odours and maintain hygiene.

Temperature Adjustment:
Experiment with different temperature settings to find the ideal storage conditions for your wine collection.

Avoid Overloading:
Avoid overloading the cooler beyond its capacity to maintain optimal airflow and cooling efficiency.

Invest in the SnoMaster 14 Bottle Solid Door Single Zone Retro Wine Cooler Black (VT-19DBPRO) to enhance your wine storage setup.
With its efficient cooling technology, sleek design, and user-friendly features, it's the perfect solution for wine enthusiasts.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your wine experience – purchase now and enjoy perfectly chilled wines whenever you desire.

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