Sunbeam Black Ice Maker (SIM-002)

Looking to enjoy ice-cold refreshments at home?
The Sunbeam Black Ice Maker (SIM-002) is here to elevate your chilling experience.
This sleek and efficient ice maker is designed to meet your ice needs with style and convenience.

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Sunbeam Black Ice Maker (SIM-002)

Features and Specifications

The Sunbeam Black Ice Maker is a cutting-edge appliance with a host of advantages that make it a must-have for any home

High Ice Production:
This machine can produce up to 15 kilograms of ice in just 24 hours, ensuring you never run out of ice during gatherings.

Bullet-Shaped Cubes:
The Sunbeam Ice Maker creates bullet-shaped ice cubes, perfect for cooling your drinks quickly.

Large Water Tank:
With a 2.8-litre water tank capacity, you can enjoy continuous ice production without frequent refills.

Quick Cycle:
It produces 10 cubes per cycle, making ice in a snap.

- Up to 15kg/24hrs
- Black Housing
- Bullet Shaped Cubes
- 800g Ice storage
- 10 Cubes per cycle
- 2.8 Litre water tank
- Removable
- washable filter
- Easy water drain

To make the most of your Sunbeam Ice Maker, follow these tips:

- Always start with clean water for the best-tasting ice.
- Place the ice maker on a level surface to ensure proper functioning.
- Allow the machine to run for a full cycle before using the ice.
- Regularly clean and maintain the ice maker to prolong its life.
- Experiment with different recipes and ice cube sizes for your drinks.

Upgrade your ice-making game with the Sunbeam Black Ice Maker.
Enjoy the benefits of high ice production, bullet-shaped cubes, and a large water tank capacity.
It's a reliable addition to your kitchen. Don't miss out on the opportunity to keep your drinks perfectly chilled.
Purchase the Sunbeam Black Ice Maker today!

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