Sunbeam Dry/Steam Spray Iron (SSI-201)

The Sunbeam SSI-201 is a high-quality dry and steam iron that effortlessly combines style and functionality.
Whether you're preparing for a formal event, or a business meeting, or simply want wrinkle-free clothes for everyday wear, this iron is your trusted companion.

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Sunbeam Dry/Steam Spray Iron (SSI-201)

Features and Specifications

Variable Steam Control:
Tailor the steam intensity to suit different fabrics, ensuring optimal results without damaging delicate materials.

Easy-to-Clean Design:
The stylish design not only looks great but also makes cleaning a breeze, ensuring the iron's longevity.

Thermostat Control:
The precise thermostat control ensures the iron maintains the perfect temperature for efficient ironing.

Pilot Light Indicator:
A convenient pilot light indicator lets you know when the iron is ready for use.

Powerful 1200W:
With 1200W of power, this iron heats up quickly and delivers consistent steam for smooth ironing.

High-Quality Material:
Crafted from top-quality materials, the Sunbeam SSI-201 guarantees durability and performance.

Tips for Using the Product

- Fill the water reservoir according to your steam requirements.
- Adjust the thermostat to the recommended setting for your fabric.
- Allow the iron to heat up fully before use.
- Use the pilot light indicator as a signal for readiness.
- For stubborn wrinkles, use the steam burst function sparingly.

Experience effortless and precise ironing with the Sunbeam Dry/Steam Spray Iron SSI-201.
Say goodbye to wrinkled clothes and hello to a polished, professional look.
Invest in this high-quality iron today and enjoy the benefits of wrinkle-free clothing

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