Taurus Ultimate Go Animal Cordless Upright 22.2V Vacuum Cleaner (948890)

The animal version of the Ultimate Go wireless stick vacuum cleaner.
Ultimate Go Animal has all of the features of the Ultimate Go vertical vacuum cleaner but includes in its set of accessories the motorised Mini Turbo Brush, ideal for collecting hair from upholstery rugs and floors in one sweep.

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Taurus Ultimate Go Animal Cordless Upright 22.2V Vacuum Cleaner (948890) Taurus Ultimate Go Animal Cordless Upright 22.2V Vacuum Cleaner (948890) Taurus Ultimate Go Animal Cordless Upright 22.2V Vacuum Cleaner (948890)
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Taurus Ultimate Go Animal Cordless Upright 22.2V Vacuum Cleaner (948890)

Even more versatile vacuum cleaner for all animal lovers.
Hand and stick vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt from any corner.
Vertical vacuum cleaner which includes the Small Turbo Brush, ideal for trapping hair from upholstery and floors.
Stick vacuum cleaner and hand vacuum with all of the accessories: rod, multi-purpose brush, wall holder and cleaning brush.

Ultimate Go Animal is the most complete broom vacuum cleaner that has all the accessories.
Includes the Turbo Brush All Road motorized brush for all types of floors; the Mini Turbo Brush to catch animal hair; a very light 70 cm aluminium extension tube; the Extensive lance for corners and places of difficult access; the Multi-Purpose Detail Brush for furniture and upholstery; and a cleaning brush for easy cleaning of the broom vacuum cleaner’s motorized shoes and brushes.

Features and Specifications

The Ultimate Go Animal broom vacuum cleaner is extremely light, with less than 2kg of weight which makes it possible to carry out a totally comfortable cleaning even in the highest areas.
Its lightness is thanks to its design, but, above all, also thanks to its batteries.
Since it has compact, lightweight and long-lasting 22.2V lithium batteries.

Designed to provide the maximum possible lightness and comfort, Ultimate Go Animal is a broom vacuum cleaner that has a large 270º grip so you can manipulate it from any angle and position.
Ideal for comfortably vacuuming the lowest and highest areas.

With the Ultimate Go Animal upright vacuum cleaner, you can vacuum all types of surfaces thanks to its Turbo Brush All Road motorized brush, a shoe with a brush capable of dragging dirt from all types of floors: carpets, tiles, rugs and parquets.
In addition, this shoe has a 180º swivel joint and incorporates the Optic Led front, a bright and powerful LED that will help you clean under furniture and in dark areas.

It sucks by expelling much cleaner air thanks to the Triple Advance Filtration filtering system that the Ultimate Go Animal broom vacuum has.
This filter system filters impurities three times more and is capable of expelling 99% cleaner air.

- Long-lasting lithium batteries of 22.2V and fast charging in 4h
- Vacuum up to 200m2 in one go
- Battery level indicator with 5 LEDs, from 20% to 100%
- Very powerful and extremely lightweight 2Kg vacuum cleaner
- Two Speeds: ECO and TURBO
- 1 single brush for all types of floors: tiles, parquet, carpets and rugs
- Extra Small Turbo Brush - Ideal for trapping all types of hair
- Optic LED lighting on the brush - High visibility under furniture and in dark areas
- 180º rotating joint in the brush
- Large 270º ergonomic handle with grip - Handle it at any angle
- Triple dirt filter. 99% cleaner air
- Metal mesh is the largest dirt barrier
- The cyclone separates the air from the dust which, rushes to the bottom of the tank
- Washable microfibre filter that captures the smallest particles
- 500ml capacity tank and hygienic touch & clean emptying system
- Attach and detach accessories with just one click
- Aluminium extension tube of 70cm

Power: 22.2V
Charging time: 4h
Battery life: 35 min.
Noise: 77dba
Tank capacity: 500ml

1 Year Retail Warranty and 1 Year Extended Warranty (Only if you register the item on the supplier website)

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