TP-Link TAPO RV10 Robot Cleaner/Mop Vacuum (NET-TL-TAPO-RV10)

Welcome to the future of home cleaning with the TP-Link TAPO RV10 Robot Cleaner/Mop Vacuum!
This innovative device combines the functionality of a vacuum cleaner and a mop, offering you a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining a spotless home.
Say goodbye to tedious manual cleaning and hello to effortless, automated tidying with this cutting-edge appliance.

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TP-Link TAPO RV10  Robot Cleaner/Mop Vacuum (NET-TL-TAPO-RV10) TP-Link TAPO RV10  Robot Cleaner/Mop Vacuum (NET-TL-TAPO-RV10) TP-Link TAPO RV10  Robot Cleaner/Mop Vacuum (NET-TL-TAPO-RV10) TP-Link TAPO RV10  Robot Cleaner/Mop Vacuum (NET-TL-TAPO-RV10) TP-Link TAPO RV10  Robot Cleaner/Mop Vacuum (NET-TL-TAPO-RV10) TP-Link TAPO RV10  Robot Cleaner/Mop Vacuum (NET-TL-TAPO-RV10)
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TP-Link TAPO RV10  Robot Cleaner/Mop Vacuum (NET-TL-TAPO-RV10)

Features and Specifications

2-in-1 Cleaning Power:
Equipped with both vacuuming and mopping capabilities, the TP-Link TAPO RV10 tackles dust, dirt, and spills with ease, leaving your floors gleaming.

Strong Suction:
With powerful suction, this robot cleaner effortlessly lifts pet hair, crumbs, and debris from various surfaces, ensuring thorough cleaning every time.

Smart Path Planning:
Utilizing high-efficiency zigzag path planning, the RV10 organizes a neat route to efficiently cover every corner of your home, maximizing cleaning performance.

Automatic Dustbin Emptying:
The RV10 Plus model comes with a smart auto-empty dock, which automatically empties the dustbin after cleaning, keeping your hands free for up to 70 days.

Convenient Control:
Easily control the RV10 using the Tapo app on your smartphone, allowing you to schedule cleaning sessions, monitor progress, and customize settings from anywhere

- High-Efficiency Zigzag Path Planning - Organizes a neat zigzag route to reduce missed or repeated areas compared with random-path robot vacuums
- 4-Level Suction Modes - 2000Pa Strong Suction. Easily clean pet hair, daily messes and more
- Vacuum and Mop Combo - 3-level electronic mopping tackles sticky messes and kitchen grease for a more thorough clean
- Simple Control via Tapo App - Tailor scheduling and switch clean modes at home or away
- 3-Hour Continuous Cleaning - 2600mAh long-lasting battery to clean your whole home on a single charge
- Auto-Charging - Returns to the charging dock automatically when the battery gets low and then restarts right where it left off
- Carpet Auto-Boost - Increases the suction power when moving from a hard floor to a carpet
- Voice Control - Simply send voice commands via smart speakers

- Mapping/Path Planning Gyroscope
- Obstacle Avoidance Infrared
- Barrier-Cross Height  20mm
- Anti-Drop Protection  Yes

Vacuuming Features     
- Max Suction Power     2000Pa
- Suction Level Adjustment     4 levels
- Dustbin Capacity     400ml
- Dustbin Detection     Yes
- HEPA Filter     H11
- Noise     
53dB (Quiet Mode)
55dB (Default/Standard)
Carpet Boost      Yes

- Wet Mopping      Yes
- Mopping Type     Electric Water Flow Control
- Water Level Adjustment     3 levels
- Water Tank Capacity     300ml

- Battery Capacity      2600mAh
- Recharge & Resume Yes

App Features     
- Real-Time Tracking Yes
- Scheduled Cleaning Yes

Experience effortless cleaning like never before with the TP-Link TAPO RV10 Robot Cleaner/Mop Vacuum.
From its powerful suction and smart path planning to its convenient app control and automatic dustbin emptying, this device revolutionizes home cleaning, saving you time and effort.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your cleaning routine – purchase the TP-Link TAPO RV10 today!

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