Astrum PB330 30000MAH LED Powerbank (A91533-B)

In today's fast-paced world, staying connected and powered up is essential.
Whether you're a busy professional, an avid traveller, or simply someone who relies on your smartphone for everyday tasks, running out of battery can be a major inconvenience.
That's where the Astrum PB330 30000mAh LED Powerbank comes in.

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Astrum PB330 30000MAH LED Powerbank (A91533-B) Astrum PB330 30000MAH LED Powerbank (A91533-B) Astrum PB330 30000MAH LED Powerbank (A91533-B) Astrum PB330 30000MAH LED Powerbank (A91533-B)
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Astrum PB330 30000MAH LED Powerbank (A91533-B)

Features and Specifications

High-capacity battery:
With a massive 30,000mAh battery, the Astrum PB330 can provide multiple charges to your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

Fast charging technology:
Supports PD 22.5W ultra-fast charging, ensuring rapid power delivery to your compatible devices.

Portable and stylish:
Elegantly designed and compact, easily fits into your pocket, backpack, or purse for convenient on-the-go charging.

High Capacity Battery
With a powerful 30,000mAh high-capacity li-polymer battery, it is a perfect power backup solution for all your smart mobiles and devices.

Ultra Fast PD Charging
Ultra speed 22.5W PD USB-A multiports and USB-C quick charge port deliver the accurate output needed to power up your devices speedily, additionally charging multiple devices simultaneously.

Portable Design
Elegantly designed, stylish, and easy to grip it perfectly fits into your pocket, laptop bag, and travel bag, highly recommended for travelers and people on the go.

Charge your power bank regularly:
Keep your power bank fully charged to ensure you always have a backup power source when you need it.

Use compatible cables:
Use high-quality cables that are compatible with your devices to ensure optimal charging performance.

Never be caught without power again with the Astrum PB330 30000mAh LED power bank.
This versatile power bank offers exceptional battery capacity, fast charging technology, multiple charging ports, and a compact design, making it the perfect companion for your everyday adventures.

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