Eaton 5E 900W G2 Modified 1600VA USB Interactive UPS (5E1600UI)

Living in South Africa, we know all too well the frustration of unpredictable power cuts.
Imagine losing important work, unfinished games, or precious family movie nights when the lights suddenly dim.

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Eaton 5E 900W G2 Modified 1600VA USB Interactive UPS (5E1600UI) Eaton 5E 900W G2 Modified 1600VA USB Interactive UPS (5E1600UI) Eaton 5E 900W G2 Modified 1600VA USB Interactive UPS (5E1600UI) Eaton 5E 900W G2 Modified 1600VA USB Interactive UPS (5E1600UI)
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Eaton 5E 900W G2 Modified 1600VA USB Interactive UPS (5E1600UI)

Features and Specifications

Enter the Eaton 5E 1600VA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) – your knight in shining armour against unexpected blackouts.
This trusty device keeps your connected world running smoothly, providing precious backup power and peace of mind.

Surge & Spike Savvy:
The Eaton 5E boasts Double-Boost Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), shielding your equipment from damaging surges and dips, and even extending battery life.

Blackout Hero:
With a 1600VA capacity and 900W of power, it seamlessly bridges the gap, giving you valuable runtime to save your work, shut down devices safely, or enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

Silence is Golden:
Unlike some noisy UPS units, the Eaton 5E operates practically silently thanks to its innovative design.

Smart Connections:
Monitor battery status, configure settings, and receive critical notifications right on your computer.

Power protection

Eaton 5E Gen2 UPS protects applications and data against power loss.
Double-boost Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology regulates grid fluctuations (under and overvoltage) to save battery power in the event of a power outage.
A wide product range covers the power requirements of many IT devices.
The auto-restart function enables the UPS to restart automatically when the mains power recovers after a total battery discharge.

Perfect protection for
- Computers, workstations and peripherals
- Internet routers, NASs
- TVs, game consoles plus other more power-hungry devices
- Home security
- Point of sale, ticketing machines

Investing in the Eaton 5E 1600VA UPS is an investment in peace of mind and productivity.
No more scrambling during power cuts! This reliable and efficient device safeguards your valuable electronics and keeps you connected, whatever life throws your way.
Don't wait until the next blackout – add the Eaton 5E 1600VA to your cart today and experience the power of uninterrupted living!

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