Eaton 5E 480W G2 Modifies 900VA USB Sine Line UPS (5E900UI)

Living in South Africa means accepting the occasional load shedding - but that doesn't mean your productivity or entertainment needs to grind to a halt.
Introducing the Eaton 5E 480W G2 900VA USB Sine Line UPS (SKU: 5E900UI), your guardian angel against unexpected blackouts.

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Eaton 5E 480W G2 Modifies 900VA USB Sine Line UPS (5E900UI) Eaton 5E 480W G2 Modifies 900VA USB Sine Line UPS (5E900UI) Eaton 5E 480W G2 Modifies 900VA USB Sine Line UPS (5E900UI)
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Eaton 5E 480W G2 Modifies 900VA USB Sine Line UPS (5E900UI)

Features and Specifications

Say goodbye to data loss:
Bridge brief power cuts seamlessly with a 900VA capacity and 480W output power, safeguarding your work, gaming, or movie marathons.

Sine wave serenity:
Enjoy clean, pure sine wave output, ideal for protecting sensitive electronics like medical equipment or high-end computers.

Multi-device protection:
Connect up to four IEC outlets to your UPS, ensuring all your critical devices stay online during outages.

USB connectivity:
Manage your UPS and monitor power status easily with a convenient USB port and user-friendly software.

Stay informed:
Get notified of power events and battery status through audible alarms and LED indicators.

Compact and sleek:
This UPS offers impressive power in a space-saving design, fitting seamlessly into any workspace.

Long-lasting life:
Enjoy extended protection with hot-swappable batteries for easy replacement without powering down.

The Eaton 5E Gen2 900VA 480W Line-Interactive UPS model 5E900UI is a dependable power protection solution often employed in professional and corporate settings.

This UPS boasts a capacity of 900VA (Volt-Amps) or 480W (Watts).
This means it can provide backup power to connected devices with a total load of up to 480 watts.

Line-Interactive Technology:
The UPS employs line-interactive technology to stabilize output voltage and safeguard against power surges and voltage fluctuations.
It actively maintains a consistent power supply to connected equipment.

Battery Backup:
Equipped with a built-in battery, this UPS can deliver power to connected devices during power outages or voltage drops.
This feature ensures uninterrupted operation and data protection for vital equipment.

The Eaton 5E 900VA UPS is the perfect solution for anyone looking for reliable power backup and surge protection.
With its impressive features, user-friendly design, and peace-of-mind guarantee, it's an investment that pays off during every unexpected blackout.
Don't let darkness disrupt your workflow - add the Eaton 5E 900VA UPS to your cart today and experience uninterrupted power, anytime.

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