Kensington Easy Riser Adjustable Stand For Up To 14 Inch Laptops (K50421EU)

The Kensington Easy Riser Adjustable Stand (K50421EU) is a versatile accessory designed to enhance your laptop experience.
This ergonomic stand is tailored for laptops with screens up to 14 inches, offering a range of benefits to boost your productivity and comfort.

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Kensington Easy Riser Adjustable Stand For Up To 14 Inch Laptops (K50421EU) Kensington Easy Riser Adjustable Stand For Up To 14 Inch Laptops (K50421EU) Kensington Easy Riser Adjustable Stand For Up To 14 Inch Laptops (K50421EU)
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Kensington Easy Riser Adjustable Stand For Up To 14 Inch Laptops (K50421EU)

Features and Specifications

Ergonomic Comfort:
Elevate your laptop to eye level, reducing strain on your neck and shoulders during extended work sessions.
Improved Cooling:
The stand's open design promotes airflow, keeping your laptop cool and optimizing performance.
Space-Saving Design:
The compact, foldable structure allows for easy storage and portability.
Sturdy Construction:
Crafted with durable materials, the stand provides stability and support for your laptop.
SmartFit Technology:
The stand features a SmartFit system, allowing you to customize the height for a comfortable viewing angle.
Non-Slip Base:
Prevents the stand from sliding, ensuring your laptop stays securely in place.
Cable Management:
Keep your workspace tidy with integrated cable management clips.

SmartFit System
Simplifies ideal ergonomic height positioning using scientifically proven research to support proper fit and individualized comfort.
The SmartFit System is designed to work with proper laptop monitor height and is not applicable for use with tablets

Height Adjustable
Allows users to lift the laptop or tablet as high as 215mm (8.5in) for optimal eye alignment

Pro Air Circulation
Dissipates heat buildup to extend the longevity of your device’s battery and internal components.

Tips for Using the Product

Adjust the stand's height using the SmartFit technology to find the most comfortable viewing angle for your posture.
Use the stand on a flat, stable surface to ensure stability.
Take advantage of the cable management clips to keep your workspace organized.
When not in use, simply fold the stand for easy storage or transport.

Enhance your laptop experience with the Kensington Easy Riser Adjustable Stand.
Say goodbye to discomfort and overheating while boosting your productivity. Invest in this ergonomic solution today for a more comfortable and efficient workspace.
Grab your Kensington Easy Riser Adjustable Stand now and elevate your laptop experience!

Smart Portability
Provides a space-saving footprint that can fit a variety of desktop spaces, a flat and slim folding structure for traveling, a built-in handle for easy carrying and durable hard-edges for extra protection.

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