Lalela R1818 48840MWH Wi-Fi Router UPS (LAL-R1818)

Say goodbye to internet interruptions during those never-ending blackouts with the Lalela R1818 Wi-Fi Router UPS.
This powerful little device ensures seamless connectivity, keeping you glued to your work, streaming, and online gaming even when the lights go out.

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Lalela R1818 48840MWH Wi-Fi Router UPS (LAL-R1818) Lalela R1818 48840MWH Wi-Fi Router UPS (LAL-R1818) Lalela R1818 48840MWH Wi-Fi Router UPS (LAL-R1818)
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Lalela R1818 48840MWH Wi-Fi Router UPS (LAL-R1818)

Features and Specifications

8 Hours of Non-Stop Wi-Fi:
Boasting a massive 48840mAh battery, the R1818 provides an astounding 8 hours of backup power for your Wi-Fi router, letting you enjoy uninterrupted internet access throughout those long load-shedding spells.

Double Duty Hero:
Don't settle for just your router! The R1818 can power both your router and fibre ONT device simultaneously, offering around 4 hours of combined backup, keeping your internet running for even longer.

Multi-Voltage Champion:
This versatile UPS caters to a wide range of routers and fibre ONTs with its multi-voltage compatibility (DC 5/9/12V POE 15/24V).
No more adapter juggling – just plug and play!

Lightning-Fast Switch:
Experience seamless transitions!
The R1818 automatically kicks into battery power within milliseconds of a power outage, ensuring you won't even notice the blink.

Compact and Convenient:
Don't let its power fool you.
The R1818's sleek and compact design takes up minimal space, making it perfect for any home or office setup.

The Lalela WiFi UPS is a backup power supply for your WiFi router or Fibre ONT.
During load shedding, the UPS will automatically switch to battery power, and your device will stay ON without any interruption.
Provides plus or minus 8 hours of backup power. USB Output + POE

- Capacity: 48 840mwh
- Input Voltage: 100v - 240v Ac
- Battery: 13 400mah
- Output Voltage: 5v, 9v & 12v
- Poe: 15v & 24v
- Protection: Over Charge, Over
- Discharge, Overload, Short Circuit

The Lalela R1818 Wi-Fi Router UPS is a game-changer for anyone who relies on a stable internet connection.
Its exceptional battery life, multi-voltage capabilities, and automatic switching make it the ultimate weapon against load-shedding frustration.

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