Linkqnet 800VA AVR Line Interactive UPS (UPS-INT-800VA-LQ-K)

800VA AVR Line Interactive UPS
Featuring a smart microprocessor control design, AVR Boost and Buck, Smart USB Interface and Cold Start Function.
A cost-effective solution to your mission-critical PC and valuable peripherals.

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Linkqnet 800VA AVR Line Interactive UPS (UPS-INT-800VA-LQ-K) Linkqnet 800VA AVR Line Interactive UPS (UPS-INT-800VA-LQ-K)
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Linkqnet 800VA AVR Line Interactive UPS (UPS-INT-800VA-LQ-K)

Features and Specifications

- Avr Boost and Buck
- Cold Start Function
- Smart USB Interface for Power Management
- Built-in Self-diagnostic Function
- Modem/LAN Internet Protection
- Compatible With Generator Set
- Led Display
- Fastest Charging Capacity
- Auto Charging in Off Mode

Average Power     800va
RMS Power     480w

Rated Input Voltage: 230v Ac
Accepted Input Voltage Range: 162v Ac - 290v Ac
Input Frequency:  50hz

Rated Output Voltage: 230v Ac
Voltage Regulation (on Battery): +10% to -10%
Frequency Range (on Battery): 49hz to 51hz (50hz)
Mains to Battery Transfer Time: 2ms to 6ms
Output Waveform (on Battery): Simulated Sinewave

Battery Type: 12v 9ah
Battery Type:1
Battery String Voltage:12v
Battery String Voltage: 108wh
Storage Capacity (Watt Hours): Six to Eight Hours
Battery Recharge Time: Overload, Battery Discharge and Battery Overcharge Protection
Standard Protection: 400v for 2-seconds (Live to Neutral, Live to Earth and Neutral to Earth)
Surge/lightening Protection: Double Boost to Correct Low Input Voltage and Single Buck to Protect High
Avr Buck and Boost Control: Input Voltage Conditions
Cold Start Function: Yes - Unit Will Power Up Without Mains Voltage on the Input

Battery Type: 12 V / 9 Ah
Typical Recharge Time:4 Hours Recover to 90% Capacity
Charging Current (Max.):1 a
Charging Voltage:13.7 Vdc ±1%

Lan / Telephone Protection Yes - Two Rj11 Ports Provide Surge and Spike Protection

Generator Compatibility Yes - Wide Input Range to Cater for Avr Controlled Generators

Generator Compatibility
Power Fail Alarm: Beep Every 10 Seconds
Battery Low Alarm: Beep Every Second
Overload Alarm: Beep Every Half Second
Fault Alarm: Continuous Beep
Alarm Disable: Yes

Display Type: Red, Green and Yellow Led
Ac Mode Indication: on Green Led
Power Fail Indication: Flashing Yellow Led
Fault Indication: on Red Led

Operating Humidity: 0% to 90% Relative Humidity
Operating Temperature: 0 Deg.c to 40 Deg.c (Non-condensing)

Monitoring Interfaces: USB
Software CD: Yes - UPSilon 2000 Software
USB Cable Included: 1m USB-A to USB-B
USB Cable Included: Output Cables: 2 x 1m IEC C13 to C14 (Kettle Male to Kettle Female)
Input Cables: None - Supply own IEC C13 Kettle Plug (Normally existing PC Power Cable)

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