Linkqnet 1KVA XRT 12V Online 2U Rackmount Li-ion UPS (UPS-ONL-1KVA-RXL-LQ)

Welcome to the Linkqnet 1KVA XRT 12V Online 2U Rackmount UPS product info page.
This powerful UPS ensures an uninterrupted power supply, ideal for businesses and homes alike.
Read on to discover its features, benefits, and tips for optimal use.

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Linkqnet 1KVA XRT 12V Online 2U Rackmount Li-ion UPS (UPS-ONL-1KVA-RXL-LQ) Linkqnet 1KVA XRT 12V Online 2U Rackmount Li-ion UPS (UPS-ONL-1KVA-RXL-LQ) Linkqnet 1KVA XRT 12V Online 2U Rackmount Li-ion UPS (UPS-ONL-1KVA-RXL-LQ)
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Linkqnet 1KVA XRT 12V Online 2U Rackmount Li-ion No Batteries UPS (UPS-ONL-1KVA-RXL-LQ)

Features and Specifications

Batteries Are Not Included

Reliable Power Backup:
Enjoy peace of mind with a stable power backup solution, safeguarding your equipment during outages.

Versatile Compatibility:
Compatible with Lithium-ion batteries, offering flexibility and longevity.

Efficient Charging:
Features a powerful 10A charger with high-capacity cooling fans for fast and safe charging.

Space-Saving Design:
The compact 2U rackmount design saves valuable space in server rooms and workstations.

Pure Sine Wave Output:
Ensures clean and stable power delivery, protecting sensitive equipment from damage.

True Online Pure Sinewave Rackmount UPS with Extended Runtime Based on External Battery Quantity

Full-Featured, Li-Ion and Lead Acid, Long Runtime, True Online Pure Sinewave Solution
The UPS-ONL-1KVA-RXL-LQ is specifically designed for all power-sensitive medical, scientific, and audio/visual content generation applications where the power quality must be uniterrupted and of the highest quality standard.  
It supports Lithium Ion, LiPO4 and Lead Acid battery types and has a powerful 10A charger with high-capacity cooling fans to allow the unit to charge larger battery packs.

Double conversion, AC to DC, DC to AC solution - isolates your equipment from the utility power source.
The incoming utility mains are converted to DC and charge the batteries and then the DC voltage is converted by a pure sinewave inverter to 230V AC.
The zero transfer operation means that should the mains fail, the inverter continues to run off the battery and supply your equipment without interruption.

Flexible 2U Rack or Slim Tower Application - The UPS-ONL-1KVA-RXL-LQ is shipped in a rack-mountable configuration but can quickly be converted to a slim tower configuration with the included stands and rotatable LCD module.
This allows the same unit to be used for most rack or floor-standing deployments.

- 12V DC Li-Ion, LiFePO4 and Lead Acid (AGM/GEL/Flooded) Support, 10A Charger
- True Online Sinewave, double-conversion output, Rack or Tower Profile
- Output power factor 0.8 with input power factor correction
- Wide AC input voltage (110 V – 300 V)
- Constant Frequency Converter Mode setting option
- ECO mode bypass for energy-saving
- Generator compatible (40Hz - 70Hz frequency variation in CF mode)
- Smart SNMP/Web LAN option works together with either USB or RS-232

Invest in the Linkqnet 1KVA XRT 12V Online 2U Rackmount UPS for reliable power backup and protection for your valuable equipment.
With its versatile compatibility, efficient charging, and space-saving design, it's the perfect solution for businesses and homes alike.
Don't let power outages disrupt your operations – purchase now and stay powered up!

Batteries Are Not Included

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