Switched 5200W LiFePo4 ESS Trolley Power Station (SWD-8923)

Elevate your power solutions with the Switched 5200W LiFePo4 ESS Trolley Power Station, SWD-8923.
This cutting-edge energy storage system offers unmatched performance, reliability, and convenience.
Designed to meet your diverse energy needs, it combines innovative technology with a user-friendly design, making it an indispensable asset for homes, businesses, and outdoor adventures.

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Switched 5200W LiFePo4 ESS Trolley Power Station (SWD-8923)

Features and Specifications

High-Powered Energy:
Experience a robust power output of 5200W, ensuring an uninterrupted energy supply for your devices and appliances.
Advanced LiFePo4 Battery:
Built with lithium iron phosphate technology, the battery provides exceptional durability, long cycle life, and enhanced safety.
Portable Trolley Design:
The integrated trolley design allows effortless mobility, making it easy to transport the power station wherever power is needed.
Versatile Charging Options:
Charge the unit through solar panels, AC outlets, or car chargers, granting you multiple ways to keep it powered up.
Multiple Output Ports:
The power station features a variety of output ports including AC, DC, and USB, catering to a wide range of devices simultaneously.
Intelligent Display:
Monitor battery status, input/output power, and more with the intuitive built-in display.
Emergency Backup:
Be prepared for power outages with this reliable backup solution that ensures essential devices stay operational.
Efficient Cooling System:
The power station incorporates an efficient cooling mechanism to prevent overheating during extended use.

- Rated power -5200W
- Output voltage waveform -Pure sine wave
- Output voltage regulation -230Vac±5%
- Output frequency -50Hz or 60Hz
- Peak efficiency -93%
- Nominal DC input voltage -48Vdc
- Standby Consumption - < 25W
- Max solar power input -6000W
- PV max charging current -80A
- Combined charging current -80A
- Max efficiency -98.0% max
- PV array open circuit voltage -450VDC
- PV Array MPPT Voltage Range -150V-430VDC
- AC input voltage -230Vac ±5%
- Acceptable input voltage range -170~280VAC
- Nominal input frequency -50Hz / 60Hz (Auto detection)
- Transfer time -10ms typical (UPS, VDE); 20ms typical (APL)
- Charging current at Nominal input voltage -60A
- Charging Algorithm 4-step (Li)
- AC output -230Vac (Terminal)
- Nominal voltage - 51.2V
- Battery capacity - 5120Wh
- Standard charging and discharge current -100A
- Maximum charging & discharge current -100A
- Operation ambient temperature -Charge-0~45℃
- Discharge -20~55℃

Tips for Using the Product

Optimal Placement:
Place the power station in a well-ventilated area to ensure efficient cooling and prolong battery life.
Regular Maintenance:
Periodically charge and discharge the battery to maintain its capacity and prolong its overall lifespan.
Load Management:
Distribute power usage across various outputs to prevent overloading and optimize performance.
Solar Charging:
Take advantage of solar panels to recharge the power station while on outdoor excursions.
Safe Storage:
When not in use, store the power station in a cool, dry place to preserve its condition.

Upgrade your power solutions with the Switched 5200W LiFePo4 ESS Trolley Power Station, your reliable energy companion for all occasions.
Enjoy the benefits of high power output, advanced battery technology, and versatile charging options.
Whether you're facing power cuts or embarking on outdoor adventures, this power station is your dependable source of energy.
Don't miss out—experience uninterrupted power today!
Purchase the Switched 5200W LiFePo4 ESS Trolley Power Station now and redefine your energy independence.

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