Aircraft 10LT Paint Pot with 2m Hose and Gun (SG PPX1)

The spray gun is excellent for commercial painting where a large amount of spraying is required.

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Aircraft 10LT Paint Pot with 2m Hose and Gun (SG PPX1)

The paint pot allows for a higher volume of paint to be sprayed using the pressure feed spray gun.

The paint pot doesn't include an agitator.

Length of hoses: 2m

Care should be taken not to use pressure feed spray guns with catalyst/hardener based paints. Refer to paint manufacturer's data sheet.

When sprayfinishing, it's always advised to keep the spray gun parallel to the workpiece surface. The distance from the surface of the workpiece should be the width of the spray pattern.

The lower the pressure of the air, the lower the chance to have bounce-back (overspray). The pressure should only be increased when the spray pattern is uneven - paint focused in the middle when the fan setting is wide.

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