Linkqnet Lifepo4 24V 100Ah LCD BMS Lithium Battery (BAT-LI-25100E-TG)

Ditch the lead-acid limitations and embrace the future of clean, efficient power with the Linkqnet LiFePO4 24V 100Ah LCD BMS Lithium Battery.
This innovative battery boasts superior performance, longer lifespan, and unmatched safety, making it the ideal choice for powering everything from RVs and boats to off-grid homes and solar systems.

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Linkqnet Lifepo4 24V 100Ah LCD BMS Lithium Battery (BAT-LI-25100E-TG)

Features and Specifications

Unmatched Efficiency:
Enjoy deeper discharges and faster charging compared to lead-acid batteries, maximizing your energy utilization.

Extended Cycle Life:
Experience exceptional longevity with over 2500 cycles at 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD), lasting years longer than lead-acid batteries.

Built-in Safety:
The integrated Battery Management System (BMS) protects against overcharge, over-discharge, short circuits, and overheating, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Flexible Installation:
Mount the battery in various orientations without worrying about leaks, thanks to its IP66 dust and water-resistant design.

Expandable Power:
Connect batteries in series or parallel to scale your capacity and meet your increasing power demands.

LinkQnet 24V 100Ah LCD BMS LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

- BMS 150A
- Charge  100A
- Discharge  150A
- Operating Voltage 20 ~ 28.8V
- Max. Charging Voltage  27.6V
- Max. Charging Voltage  28.8V

Tips for Optimal Use:

Charge the battery regularly:
Even partial discharges require topping up.

Avoid extreme temperatures:
Store and operate the battery within the recommended range.

Use a compatible charger:
Ensure your charger matches the battery's voltage and charging profile.

Monitor battery health:
Regularly check the LCD display for any warnings or signs of issues.

Clean the terminals:
Periodically clean the battery terminals with a non-abrasive cloth to prevent corrosion.

The Linkqnet LiFePO4 24V 100Ah LCD BMS Lithium Battery is not just a power source it's an investment in a cleaner, more reliable, and sustainable future.
Upgrade your power experience today and enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge lithium technology.

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