Ryobi 5 Piece Compressor Accessory (Rsg-5000)

Feeder, Air Sprayer, Parafin Sprayer, Inflator & Hose.

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Ryobi 5 Piece Compressor Accessory (Rsg-5000) Ryobi 5 Piece Compressor Accessory (Rsg-5000) Ryobi 5 Piece Compressor Accessory (Rsg-5000)
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Ryobi 5 Piece Compressor Accessory (Rsg-5000)

Ryobi’s air compressors are positive displacement compressors using a reciprocating piston action to compress the air.

The motors will switch on and off to automatically maintain the pressure in the tank. They are fitted with regulators to adjust the required pressure levels. These air compressors are oil lubricated and must operate on a level surface. Regular oil checks are necessary.

Never overfill with oil. When choosing a compressor make sure it can supply the amount of air and pressure required for the tools being attached to the air compressor.

Key Features:
-Kit consists of an Air dusting gun; 4 meter recoil air hose with couplings; gravity powered paint spray gun; engine cleaning gun; tyre inflator
-The adjustable gravity powered paint spray gun is suitable for most painting applications
-The air gun is suitable for cleaning and drying applications • The heavy duty tyre inflator is equipped with a dual scale gauge with rubber protector, deflation
-button and a strong tyre chuck.
-The general purpose engine cleaning gun with a steel pot is suitable for cleaning and degreasing applications

Paint spray gun:
- Nozzle: 1.5mm
- Air pressure: 45-55 PSI
- Cup capacity: 750 CC

Air dust Gun:
- Air pressure: 45-75 PSI
- Air consumption: 5 CFM@40 PSI

Engine Cleaning Gun:
- Air pressure: 30 - 55 PSI
- Air consumption: 3.5 CFM@30 PSI

Air Tyre Inflator:
- Capacity: 0-150 PSI

Air Recoil hose:
- Length: 4m
- Capacity: 170 PSI

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