Ryobi ProStrike 3.25mm x 5kg Electrodes (E6013)

Ryobi ProStrike E6013 is a premium quality rutile electrode for general mild steelwork in all positions, deep penetrating with smooth, stable arc characteristics. Due to high rutile percentage, the Ryobi ProStrike E6013 is a quick depositing electrode which eliminates the risk of trapping the slag due to its special characteristics and mineral coating. ProStrike E6013 is used on a wide array of mild steel fabrication and is recommended for welding vehicle bodies, profiles, tanks, ducts chassis, freight cars, ornamental jobs and thin-sheet structure.

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Ryobi ProStrike 3.25mm x 5kg Electrodes (E6013)


- 3.25mm Electrodes

- To be used for welding use only.

- 80-120 AMP welding current.

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