Carmen Body Brush (SEL-1591)

Discover the ultimate beauty secret with the Carmen Body Brush, SEL-1591.
This innovative 4-in-1 body care brush is your ticket to radiant and rejuvenated skin.
Dive into the world of self-care and indulge in the benefits of this exceptional product.

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Carmen Body Brush (SEL-1591) Carmen Body Brush (SEL-1591)
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Carmen Body Brush (SEL-1591)

Features and Specifications

Exfoliates Skin:
The Tampico brush gently removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Unblocks Pores:
Say goodbye to clogged pores as this brush helps keep them clear and healthy.

Increases Blood Circulation:
Stimulate blood flow, promoting a healthy glow and better skin health.

Improves Appearance of Skin:
Regular use can enhance the overall texture and tone of your skin.

Reduces Appearance of Cellulite:
Combat cellulite and achieve firmer-looking skin.

Tampico Brush
- Exfoliates Skin
- Unblocks Pores
- Increases Blood Circulation
- Improves the Appearance of Skin
- Helps Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Pedi Disc
- Gentle & Effective
- Hard Skin Remover
- Buffs Away Dead, Callused & Dry Skin

Face Brush
- Super Soft Bristles
- Deep Pore Cleansing
- Safe and gentle for All Skin Types

Wave Massager

- Reduces Muscle Tension
- Rejuvenates and relaxes Muscles
- Increases & Improves Blood Circulation

- Tampico dry brush
- Face brush
- Pedi disc
- Wave massager
- Tampico dry brush

To maximize your Carmen Body Brush experience, follow these tips:

Use in the Shower:
Incorporate the brush into your daily shower routine for convenient exfoliation.

Brush Towards the Heart:
Start at your extremities and brush towards your heart to boost circulation.

Gentle Pressure:
Apply gentle pressure to avoid skin irritation.

Cleanse the Brush:
Regularly clean the brush head to maintain hygiene.

Moisturize After Use:
Follow up with your favourite moisturizer for supple skin.

The Carmen Body Brush, SKU SEL-1591, is your secret weapon for achieving beautiful, healthy skin.
Embrace the benefits of exfoliation, improved circulation, and reduced cellulite with this versatile 4-in-1 brush.
Elevate your skincare routine today and make the Carmen Body Brush an essential part of your beauty arsenal.
Ready to transform your skincare regimen? Purchase the Carmen Body Brush now and embark on your journey to radiant skin.

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