Huawei SmartWatch GT 3 Black (Huawei Watch GT 3 46mm Black)

It provides precise health monitoring and scientific exercise guidance, including smart jog coaching, smart jog accompaniment, running courses, course customization, intermittent training, and automatic pausing of workouts.
It is suitable for both daily use and professional sports.

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Huawei SmartWatch GT 3 Black (Huawei Watch GT 3 46mm Black) Huawei SmartWatch GT 3 Black (Huawei Watch GT 3 46mm Black) Huawei SmartWatch GT 3 Black (Huawei Watch GT 3 46mm Black)
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Huawei SmartWatch GT 3 Black (Huawei Watch GT 3 46mm Black)

Its light and trendy design, scientific fitness guidance, and accurate health monitoring make it the ideal watch for use during everyday and professional workouts.
The watch features a double-crown design, color screen, and a strap that has passed strict allergy tests to provide you with a safe and comfortable wearing experience.
You can also choose from a range of exquisitely made straps.

Features and Specifications

Wireless Charging and Reverse Charging
The watch supports wireless charging and can work for 7 days for typical use after being fully charged.
You can use a Huawei phone to charge the watch in reverse charging mode when a charger is not available.

Bluetooth Calling

The watch can be connected to a phone over Bluetooth to make calls.
The watch saves the contact information of your families, friends, and colleagues for your convenience.
You can also use voice commands to enable the Bluetooth calling mode for you to free up your hands and enjoy a smart life.

Workout Features

More Accurate Workout Data

Thanks to the significant improvements made to heart rate measurement hardware and GPS hardware as well as optimizations to algorithms, the accuracy of heart rate measurements and GPS positioning for professional sports has increased greatly.

100+ Workout Modes

The watch supports GPS dual-band four-star positioning and provides multiple professional workout modes, such as Run, Cycle, Swim, Triathlon, Mountain Hike, and Trail Run. 100+ workout modes are available for your customization:

Professional Running Data

The watch can record a variety of professional workout data, such as time, distance, calories burnt, pace, stride, heart rate zone, aerobic training effect, anaerobic training effect, maximum oxygen uptake, and recovery time, to make exercising more scientific.

Multiple Heart Rate Zones

The maximum heart rate varies depending on the workout mode.
Maximum heart rates can be set using different labels to accurately calculate calories burnt in a certain workout mode.

Heart Rate Zones and Pace
Five levels of workout intensity are defined using the heart rate zone and pace to represent five states of energy consumption.

Physical Status

After outdoor running is enabled for a period of time, the watch calculates the benefits, informs users of their current exercise status, and adjusts the strategy in a timely manner to avoid any injuries from doing exercise.

Recovery Heart Rate

The recovery heart rate refers to the difference between the heart rate at a specified time after a workout and the peak heart rate during the workout.
Frequently used measurement intervals include one, two, and three minutes. The time and degree of heart rate recovery after exercise can be used to measure athletes' adaptability to training loads and their physical fitness.

Resting Heart Rate
The resting heart rate refers to the stable heart rate measured when a person is awake and relaxed. Long-term regular exercise can enhance heart functions and lower the resting heart rate.

Training Status

Training Load
The training load is the training time multiplied by the training intensity and is an accurate reflection of the training amount and the impact of training on the body.

Training Performance

Aerobic training effect: This indicates the benefits of aerobic exercise for the body during a single workout. Long-term aerobic training can effectively improve the aerobic training effect.

Anaerobic training effect: This indicates the benefits of high-intensity training for the body during a single workout. High-intensity intermittent training can effectively improve the anaerobic training effect.

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